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Welcome to “Quietly”!

For readers joining “Quietly” today as “Rasco from RIF” retires for RIF’s Book People Unite blog, I say “WELCOME!

Why “Quietly”? The line two description of this blog is “chalet, lighthouse, veranda” which are some of my favorite places to read.  Reading and books for me are my quiet place. Whether reading privately, sharing a book with a young child or giggling and exploring books with a group of children - reading is always for me a quiet place within myself.

Join me as I explore the books, the issues and give a few opinions on this topic of children’s literacy and more.  And expect to learn more than a little bit about two very special little boys in my life, William and Charlie. Below I have shared with you pictures of my earliest days in this quiet place of reading…with a younger sister as we heard our mother’s voice reading and as I shared in turn a few years later my newly developing skill with my sister.



Posted on Monday, April 23rd 2012