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Oh, Mister Plumber, do you know
Where naughty, careless, tradesman go?

You come to set the water right—
To make the taps all safe and tight.

You came to us at half-past nine;
At two you went away to dine.

You came again just after three;
At five you toddled home for tea.

You did some work, I must confess:
Our house was in a dreadful mess.

You sent us in your little bill—
Although the taps are leaking still.

Oh, Mister Plumber, do you know
Where naughty, careless tradesmen go?

Thank you to the blog BibliOdyssey for posting JACK OF ALL TRADES, a 1900 British children’s book of poetry showing different types of employment with text by JJ Bell and illustrations by Charles Robinson.